Looking north from downtown Palisade, you would expect to see the American Flag flying high atop the Bookcliffs. Last Saturday, the flag was nowhere to be found. Where did it go?

In this particular case, I'm asking because I don't know the answer. The BLM has been contacted, but as of this time, there's been no response. Local authorities were asked on Saturday, but they had no answer, either.

The flagpole is still there. You can see it all the way from downtown Palisade. The only thing amiss is the flag.

I don't mean to start a panic. For all anyone knows, the flag is at the cleaners. Then again, maybe it's being replaced. Then again, maybe vandals got to it. There are several explanations as to why it's not there. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know which explanation is accurate.

When in doubt, reach out to Facebook. The question regarding the flags whereabouts was put up on Facebook last Monday. Here's what unfolded:

Waylon Jordan via Facebook
Waylon Jordan via Facebook

Okay, so we're back to square one. Where did the American flag on the Bookcliffs directly north of downtown Palisade disappear to?

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