Grand Junction seems like they'd be responsible if they got their hands on some free cash. If Grand Junction won $5,000 this is what they would do with it.

Since your shot to score anything from $100 to $5,000 is coming soon, I was curious to find out what you would do with it. I asked you this on our Facebook:

Jackie is definitely being responsible with her $5,000. She's paying off some bills and thinking of the future and saving up for Christmas.

I agree with you 100% Kathleen. This is one of the things I would do if I won $5,000 -- go on a vacation.

I saw a few 'buy a car' responses and even more than one of the above responses too. I'm sure your mom appreciates it a whole lot.

Along with using $5,000 for your savings and paying bills, this is another popular response -- paying off student loans. Overall it seems like Grand Junction is going to be pretty responsible with the cash they win from us. Find out how to win up to $5,000 here.

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