Trying to find extra money during the holidays can sometimes be like hunting for a hidden treasure that was never hidden.

The holidays shouldn't be a time that we stress over money, nor should we have pressure to buy something for everyone.

It's sad that so many of us go into debt during the holidays. Being a single mom of four and during the most challenging times in my life was when my children were young and they didn't understand what being dead broke meant.

Often I wondered how in the world would I afford even one gift for each child when I can't even make ends meet each month.

Like sell soap, liquor door to door, open a gift wrapping stand, and one even sold plasma.

Some were so funny. Like Desiree, Nikky, and Tricia.

Some wanted to know if cops would be involved. Haha ... what are we willing to do here Adam?

Overall, I think the real key is to laugh, help others and love well.

It helps put what's really important in perspective. It's not so much the money. My best Christmas memories have been the times when we didn't have a dime and my kids and I made a birthday cake for Jesus. Laughing and playing a simple game of LIFE or Monopoly.

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