At some point in our lives most of us have thought of an invention that we thought could change the world, but that's where it normally ends. A majority of people never act on the idea or project just kick it around in their head and think about what could happen if that invention or idea ever did make it big. Well, there is one local 12-year-old that decided to act upon his idea and he has a chance to see it do very well.

We got the details from KJCT 8, about James Stucky a young entrepreneur who will be showing off his startup business to national investors this coming Saturday, October 17th in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Saunders Scholars competition. The event is normally held in Rochester, N.Y. but because of the pandemic, the competition will be held virtually and can be seen on the Young Entrepreneurs Academy YouTube and Facebook channels.

The start-up that James came up with is called "Bulldog Protective Gear" and is made for kids that do outdoor activities to make sure they stay safe. James says he owes a huge thanks to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy and the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

If James does well at the shark-tank type competition this weekend he has a chance to win up to $80,000 cash and college scholarships. So far, James has already received $2,000 for getting this far in the competition.

We are wishing James nothing but the best this weekend and will be cheering him on Saturday.

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