While things remain far from normal as we navigate through this global pandemic, a little creativity and fortitude can still make dreams come true.

I had the privilege to attend my first ever drive-in wedding in Cedaredge recently and it was wonderful to see the pandemic was not going to stop this young couple's dream from coming true.

While the pandemic has wreaked havoc on many wedding plans this year, people are still getting married. Granted, they have to be a little creative and there needs to be some compromise, but very special wedding ceremonies are still happening. It may not be the fancy church-wedding you had always hoped for and dreamed of, but it will be okay. After all, the most important thing is what the ceremony represents, and it's still going to be a memorable day.

In this case, we were greeted at the entrance to the church parking lot and offered a cupcake, a bottle of water with the couple's names on the label, a small tube of bubbles, and a flier with instructions. Next, we stopped to have a photo taken as we sat in our car, which gives the bride and groom a nice record of everyone who attended the ceremony.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

We then drove around the church and were directed by attendants where and how to park. Instructions had been given where to tune on the FM radio dial to pick up the audio of the ceremony.

It was all very nice and there were two really great side benefits to the arrangement. You didn't feel like you had to dress up for the occasion, and you didn't have to hang around at a reception for two or three hours waiting for the bride and groom to cut the cake, have the first dance, and all of that other traditional stuff. Perhaps the couple was still able to do the traditional wedding stuff with the bridal party. All I know is that the ceremony was really nice, it was well-organized, and will be very memorable for everyone who attended as well as those who participated.

I know of another young couple who is getting married this summer, forced to forego the big church wedding they had planned for. While the ceremony will be an intimate affair with family, they are planning a big reception on their first anniversary in 2021. They will still have the chance to share this special occasion with all of their friends.

To all of the brides out there and brides' moms who may be feeling disappointment and discouragement because their perfect wedding plans derailed, let me offer a word of encouragement. It will be okay. Your plans may have to change, but it's still going to be a memorable day for the bride and groom - and that's all that really matters.

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