Grand Junction loves to combine unlikely food together, much like myself. These are are the weirdly delicious food combinations Grand Junction just can't get enough of.

I'm a fan of combining foods to achieve the ultimate delicious food trifecta - sweet, salty and spicy. For example, I love pizza with pineapple, chicken and jalapeno on it because it completes the trifecta. I asked you this on our Facebook:

And these are some of the responses I've received.

Sorry Susan I do like those two things, but I can't say I'd eat them together.

Although I am from the South and I do enjoy some ranch (and yes, also sweet tea) I can't support this. It's like the ranch wants to be Alfredo sauce, but it's just not.

I like both of theses so yes to this. I've had peanut butter flavored beer, so why not?

I do like chilli and cinnamon rolls. So I'd probably try this one out. Josh Niernberg, the owner and head chef of Bin 707 and Taco Party, weighed in and said he'd eat this for breakfast.

Josh said he'd try this one and I'll pass. We both agreed that this is a very specific and particular food combination. Someone has spent some time mastering this combo.

We both agreed that a pizza with pineapple, chicken and jalapenos is one of the best ever made because it completely the trifecta. Sweet, salty and spicy. Yum! Josh told me one of his favorites is sea urchin and he'll literally pair it with anything. Like a taco.

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