It's not a stop sign, it's a yield sign. We need to talk about what 'yield' means while driving because it seems like Grand Junction is clueless.

Here are a few things I've seen drivers doing at yield signs in Grand Junction.

  • Drivers not yielding, not at all, just driving. They blow past the yield sign, causing you to slam on your brakes. This isn't yielding.
  • Drivers still not yielding by stopping at yield sign for no reason. They therefore hold you up and everyone else behind them up.

I've talked about how much I despise roundabouts (moreso how people drive in them) before. Almost all roundabouts come equipped with -- a yield sign. This is what I've seen inside roundabouts: stopping inside the roundabout

  • They stop at the yield sign and then when they actually get in it, they're driving so slow you question if their foot is on the gas or not. They drive so slow, you literally have to round the driver out of the roundabout.
  • The driver correctly uses the yield sign and you're right behind them. Then they're confused (or something) so they stop inside the roundabout. You almost had it there, almost.

Here's the definition of what a yield sign means, according to Colorado's Driver Handbook:

Yield Signs: This sign indicates drivers must reduce speed or stop if necessary to yield right-of-way to any traffic on the road way they are crossing or entering.

Now that we're clear, I hope that all yield signs will be used correctly in the future. (Please?)


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