If you aren't from Colorado then you might hear, see, or do things differently than us Colorado people do.

I am going to make it a little easier on you to spot who is from Colorado no matter where you are. Or even if you're visiting how to spot original Colorado folk.

Here are a few ways to spot people from Colorado.

  1. If you listen to the way we say Colorado we tend to emphasize the "rad" in Colorado.
  2. If you see a raised truck chances are they grew up or still live in Colorado. Almost everyone has a raised vehicle.
  3. Every Colorado person loves the snow. I am born and raised in Colorado and I can tell you that I LOVE the snow
  4. During the winter time if you see someone going about their day in shorts while it's 30 degrees outside. They are from Colorado.
  5. If you see somebody decked out in Broncos gear from head to toe than they are from Colorado. The Broncos are number one here in Colorado.

I hope this list helps you spot people from Colorado. We may seem a little weird but hey that's the way we like it.

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