When you think of the world's most amazing skateboarders, Tony Hawk immediately comes to mind. In his video 'Perched' he continues to live up to his reputation. But there's something you need to know that makes this even more amazing.

Let's face it, Tony Hawk's a legend and here's why. He's still performing these insane tricks at 46-years-old. There are 'boarders half his age that aren't as smooth and precise as 'The Birdman'.

Yeah, when he crashes it takes a little longer to get back up, but we won't hold that against him. You know Tony's starting to feel his age just a little when talking about the video he says,

I never want to do some of these tricks again, but I am proud to have completed them and hope that you enjoy the outcome."

Note to Tony -- We not only enjoy the outcome, but are in awe of it.


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