Colorado Parks and Wildlife have made a compilation of their trail cam footage. As you can imagine, CPW has a lot of trail cams with a lot of footage. Watch this video and you'll see animal after animal make their appearance in the trail cam's spotlight.

Our biologists are using dozens of game cameras to monitor lynx activity and habitat occupancy. But plenty of other wildlife also goes in on the photo action too.

Watching this video reminds me of how wild and amazing Colorado truly is. The video begins with shots of a mama bear and her cubs, a fox and a wolf.

Then it goes on to show an elk, a lynx, a ferret and then a porcupine. But that's not it, Colorado has a whole lot of other animals trying to get into the spotlight.

A mountain lion can be seen climbing up a tree, making the tree look not quite as big. Another mountain lion looks as if it's almost posing for the trail cam.

A lynx is then spotted sniffing around in the snow and then stopping and dropping to roll in the snow. It certainly looks like this lynx knows how to enjoy winter in Colorado.

The compilation shows lots of moose, a bear clawing at a tree, a fawn nursing and wolves wrestling around in the snow. I'm always happy to see Colorado animals in the spotlight just doing their thing, being wild and wonderful.

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