Colorado Parks and Wildlife say to watch out for deer, bears and elk while you're driving. You should be on the watch all the time, especially around dawn and dusk.

With all of the crazy weather lately, it can throw everyone off -- animals included. The Northwest Deputy Regional Manager for CPW warns to always be on the watch:

"If you live in the state of Colorado, you need to be vigilant when you’re driving down the road, all the time for deer, elk, moose, any of those things”

Be on the lookout for bears, elk, deer, bighorn sheep and moose -- oh my. Deer and elk move to lower elevations during this time of year for mating season, according to KKCO.

Bears are just now beginning their annual hibernation. Bears could wake up mid-season -- hungry. If you do come across a bear, keep your distance.

Always be observant while driving. I've unfortunately hit a deer before and it not a pleasant experience by any means.I hope it's something that never happens to me again and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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