Bears are roaming Colorado with very hungry stomachs right now.

There have been multiple homes, trash, and car bear invasions in Colorado. Although Western Colorado hasn't spotted any yet, the colder winter produced less food for the bears and this is when they are known to wander farther than usual to find food.

Here are five precautions to take to protect your home from bears.

Clean up after yourself. Don't leave food in your car or any traces of food outside. They have a strong sense of smell and will seek out the odors until they find food.

Bird Feeders. Although it's pretty to have one out and watch the birds, this can also attract bears and that isn't as pleasant to watch. It is recommended to bring them in during the summer and fall months and bring them back out during the winter.

Pet Food. If you have an outdoor pet, bring the food inside as much as possible. Make sure to bring the bowl inside every night.

Trash Cleanup. Only place trash out right before pickup. Double bag to avoid strong odors and clean the trash can regularly so odors don't stay behind. Fewer odors for the bear equals less inclination to come to your house. Store trash can in the garage or shed if possible.

BBQ Carefully. Clean up after yourself when you grill, including any spills and the grease catch.

Check out the full list of precautions, including extra care for home invasion prevention.

If you encounter a bear in your home, make a lot of noise and make yourself look as big as possible. This will often startle the bear and it will run off.

Have you ever encountered a bear?