With the weather getting warmer your animals are going to be spending a lot of time outside.

But with the warm weather come those little critters that tend to carry rabies. There have been 27 reported cases so far this year. Most of those cases are in skunks.

I have three beautiful dogs that are a crazy mix of love and spunk.

Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas

They love to play outside so rabies is very concerning. The best way to combat rabies is to get the vaccine. So that is exactly what I did for my babies.

If you have never seen rabies up close it is a little scary. Being around your loving animal one day to seeing them foam at there mouth is something that will shake you.

That isn't the only way to notice they have rabies. If you don't see them foaming from their mouths one way to check is them becoming extremely violent.

So before taking your dogs on a hike be sure to get them vaccinated for your and their sake.

Remember, all it takes for rabies to spread to spread is a bite.

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