The City Of Grand Junction is kicking off Spring with a creative and fun way for all of us to directly connect with them. A new app called Expresit.

As the weather warms up and all of us get out and about, we begin to go to parks and different areas within Grand Junction. The City Of Grand Junction would love to know about your experiences, so now there is an app for that.

Expresit is a simple app for your mobile phone that allows you to talk directly with the city, and let them know what is on your mind. If you had a good experience, a bad experience, maybe something that needs to be improved to make an area better. It all can be done with Expresit.

I spent a lot of time in different parks over the weekend, so I took a quick second and downloaded the app. I was extremely impressed with how easy it was to use. I could do a quick evaluation of where I was and it gave me a feeling of "making a difference". That is pretty impressive.

I think that this app will be a great way to connect with the city in which we live. I also find it impressive that the City Of Grand Junction is forward thinking and really cares about the people here. This app has opened up a portal to communication, which is good for us, and amazing for Grand Junction.

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