The Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department has an excellent opportunity for you to get involved in the community, and really make a difference!

It is amazing when we see stories in Grand Junction of our Fire fighters who work hard everyday to not only help the community. Not only do they strive hard to make the community a better place, they also save lives. It is a bold statement of how much Grand Junction cares about Mesa County.

Have you ever thought about being a part of this amazing team? I know I have. I always wondered how you would go about it. I found the answer!

The Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department has room for volunteers!  If you live in the 32 Rd corridor or on Orchard Mesa and are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can be!

Think about it, the chance to do your best for the community, and have a feeling of honor, and pride for doing what you love...helping others. What are you waiting for!? Make your dream happen!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, click here!