In southwestern Colorado lies the small town of Nucla. They recently demolished a retired power plant, and it's an awesome watch.

Nucla Station, built-in 1959, was a historic 100-megawatt coal-fired power plant; historic because it was the first in the world to use the unique technology that's now used worldwide that reduces emissions.

According to Tri-State, the site had exhausted the fuel supply of the site, and they stopped operations at the plant in September of 2019.  They call the life-span of a power plant a 'generation' which fits, as generations of families in the area worked at the plant.

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An expert demolition team came out in July of 2021, to start bringing the giant plant to the ground, and they brought along a top-notch video team to capture the event. The video is really amazing to watch.

The video opens with this sun behind the plant, and music that makes the whole thing feel, somehow, romantic. It seems silly, I know, but it's what I honestly thought: 'When does Ryan Gossling show up?'

Then we zoom in and see the subject of this video, this destruction, the Unit #4 boiler house, and steel stack; soon to become dust on the Nucla plains.

You get to see the scale of the project when the camera gets a piece of construction equipment in the shot; this boiler house is enormous.

First, the boiler house goes, then the stack, It's glorious. When that stack falls it reminds me of that fun movie from 1978, with Burt Reynolds as a stunt man: "Hooper."

Then, the Nucla video shows the event from different angles. These demo guys really love their work.

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