Colorado has quite the rich history including many things that are taught to children in school, as well as other, more bizarre pieces of history that your everyday schools most likely don't touch on.

In addition, there are countless ghost towns in the Centennial State, most of which have quite interesting backstories. One of these ghost towns is located in the middle of nowhere in Colorado, and that town is known as Victor.

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The town of Victor, Colorado was once a booming mining town with a bit of its own gold rush which attracted many to move to the small, desolate town. With so many moving into the town, a chapter of Freemasons was established. The town was later abandoned, but many of its buildings, including the Masonic Temple, still stand, despite being threatened by a fire that ravaged much of the town.

Take a virtual tour of the enigma that is Victor Colorado:

Victor, Colorado Has an Abandoned Masonic Temple + More

The town of Victor, Colorado has a rich history and is still home to an abandoned Masonic Temple, gold mine, and more.

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There are over 300 ghost towns peppered throughout the state of Colorado. Some of these towns are very well preserved with a few residents. Others are completely abandoned with very little left to explore. Regardless, venturing through one of these towns will give you a look into Colorado's rich mining history.