These are the makeup products that I use every day, which means, they're very necessary. Here are Alicia Selin's everyday makeup necessities.

There are few things better things than when your makeup is on point. I like to play around with lots of colors when it comes to eye shadow and eyeliner.

Whenever I look at my makeup bag, I really like what I see. I get excited about deciding which products I should use that day. You can feel that way about our makeup bag too, with these makeup necessities. From concealer to eyeliner, these are the makeup products that I use on the daily.

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I always start with this product, after moisturizing my face first, of course. This concealer blends in perfectly and seems like it lasts forever. (Seriously, I can't remember the last time I bought one.)

I'm all about some liquid eyeliner. I like to switch is up with different colors and usually use either 'Black Out' or 'Navy Shock.' You'd think that the extra skinny applicator would make it harder to apply, but it's actually easier.

Eyeshadow and eye makeup, in general, is my favorite kind of makeup. I alternate between this palette a few others. I love the bright colors mixed with the more neutral tones in this palette. I'm currently wearing Grape Pop x Soda Fizz x Tonic.

My makeup just isn't complete without a sparkly, bright finish and that's where this product comes in. This highlighter doesn't look like blush, it's the perfect shade and goes on smoothly with or without blush/bronzer or foundation.

Whenever you get a good mascara, it makes you realize how long your lashes really are. You'll look in the mirror at yourself like 'who is she?.' I like this mascara's wand and how it doesn't flake and end up all over my face. Mascara is the finishing touch on my everyday makeup necessities.

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