If you wanted to know what Grand Junction is like, Urban Dictionary has your back. Urban Dictionary's definition of Grand Junction explains it all.

I don't usually use Urban Dictionary (unless I come across some word I've never heard before) but I decided to see what the website had to say about Grand Junction.

There are a few different definitions for Grand Junction on Urban Dictionary. Some of the Grand Junction definitions are spot on and others are, not so much:

The biggest town between Denver and Salt Lake which produces the most meth in the US. Everyone who lives here has AIDS from using dirty needles. Only poor people live here. Orchard Mesa and Clifton are the ghetto and meth-iest of all over. Move here for cheap drugs.

It's true, we are the biggest town between Denver and Salt Lake City. But everyone having AIDS and being poor -- definitely not true. (Have you been to the Redlands?) Not all of Urban Dictionary's definitions for Grand Junction are this crazy.

A small town in Western Colorado. Yes, it is the meth capital of the United States. The people are very nice. Located along the Colorado River by the largest flat-top mountain in the world. Also close to Fruita and Palisade.

Well, other than the meth Grand Junction has got it going on in this definition. The people are nice, we have the Grand Mesa in our backyard and we have some cool neighbors -- Fruita and Palisade. And speaking of Fruita, here's the next definition of Grand Junction, according to Urban Dictionary.

A semi small town on the Western Slope that wishes it was Fruita!

Syke, Fruita wishes they were Grand Junction.

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