Two new fires were reported burning yesterday in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The fires, in remote locations, were started by unknown circumstances, but a thunderstorm was reported going through the area.

Mirror Lake, in the northern area of the park, was the scene of one of the new fires, and the other in the Forest Canyon area between the Rock Cut and Forest Canyon overlook, below Trail Ridge Road.

Trail Ridge Road remains open but will close if authorities feel it is warranted, however Upper Beaver Meadows Road has been closed in the event tankers need to fly through the area.

Some trails, however, have been closed, those being the Mirror Lake Trail from Mummy Pass to North Mirror Lake, The Commanche Trail from the boundary of the park to south Mirror Lake and wilderness campsites in the Mirror Lake and Koenig stock sites.

If you plan on traveling to Rocky Mountain National Park this Memorial Day weekend, make sure you check with the park to see if the areas you are planning to go to are still open.

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