These two guys try and sneak onto the red carpet premiere for the new movie 'Kingsman'. Take a look to see if they were successful!

Apparently, FOX commissioned these two guys to shoot a video at the red carpet premiere for 'Kingsman' starring Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson. But they didn't shoot the video they were supposed to.

Supposedly they were supposed to shoot a video of them asking people questions who were on the red carpet. Which seems like a cool thing to be able to do but I guess being on the red carpet was a better idea. I'm actually surprised they were able to! Someone needs to check their security if these two "kids" could sneak out there.

It was pretty interesting to see but I think the best part was when karma bit him right in the a** when he fell down the stairs! I could watch that part again. What do you think? Do you think you could sneak on to a red carpet and act like a celeb?

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