Twitter can at times be a pretty volatile place, especially lately.

Yet, there are also many times when a tweet's comment section is so full of witty comments that I lose myself in them.

The tweet I am about to show you is epic.

Not only are the pithy comments hilarious, but multiple commenters put their Photoshop skills to good use and took their comments to a whole new level.

The original post was short and sweet, and in it "Jacob" calls for Utah to annex the Southwestern corner of Wyoming.

I have way too many favorite comments to share them all but here are a few favorites.

Wyoming would win in a ground battle between the two states. @acephalelephant

And then this one...

Nobody wants Evanston. @GIJoeyJoeJoe

If you're wondering exactly what towns would be annexed into Utah here is a list of the major ones.

  • Rock Springs
  • Green River
  • Evanston
  • Kemmerer

In case it matters to you, this annexation would NOT include Cokeville.

I'd guess that most Wyomingites that don't live in that area would probably be okay with the annex happening, after all many of you refer to this part of the state as "The armpit of Wyoming."

In the end, perhaps the only "fair" solution is the one that this commentator offered, where we divide the land in question fairly into two even sections with a diagonal line.

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