Twenty One Pilots had a sold-out show last night with their Bandito Tour at the Pepsi Center and let me tell you, it was off the charts!

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are so incredibly talented. Watching them skyrocket from when I first heard them back in 2012 to now has been incredible. I liked their Vessel album so much that I started to find out who these two were. Had no idea at that time that they had an album before Vessel. Instant fan.

My son D'Artagnan and his friend Sarah have seen this extremely skilled duo at Red Rocks in 2016, and then we all took a road trip to Ohio in 2017 for their final concert before taking some time off in their hometown.

It's so cool when the kids enjoy music and appreciate great talent. It reminds me of me back in the day making mixed tapes and listening to music non-stop, road-tripping to concerts to see my favorite bands.

Great memories and so much fun to see the kids singing and loving the moment. It was awesome!

Even Rocky the Denver Nuggets mascot had his jumpsuit on. Haha.

Twenty One Pilots Brought All They Had to Denver
Traci Rock

Last night the Twenty One Pilots once again performed with incredible passion, soul and zeal. With a mix of the past and new together showed that their time off brought some serious creativity to their work.

Not to mention the opening bands last night for the Twenty One Pilots, Max Frost, and Awolnation all performing a cover of Iris from the Goo Goo Dolls and Hey Jude from The Beatles. Was FANTASTIC!

Bravo ... Bravo ... Tyler and Josh last night you brought it all and it was phenomenal.

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