Despite boasting a fairly convincing marketing campaign — including a website, social media accounts and official stills and posters — it seemed pretty obvious to anyone with at least one working eyeball that Danny McBride’s Crocodile Dundee sequel was not exactly…how do you say…real. Our assumptions have now been confirmed by a newspaper in Paul Hogan’s homeland, which uncovered the truth behind Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home.

If you guessed “Super Bowl ad,” give yourself a gold star. According to The Brisbane Times, sources have confirmed that the elaborate promotional push for Dundee is part of a new Tourism Australia campaign — one that calls back to the 1984 ads starring Crocodile Dundee himself, Paul Hogan. You can watch one of the original ads below:

Credit where credit is due: The teasers for Dundee were kind of delightful, and even though we knew they had to be fake, it doesn’t make this whole viral campaign any less entertaining. Tourism Australia did a fine job putting the whole thing together, but there were a few telltale signs that Dundee wasn’t a legit movie: It’s highly unlikely that a movie this big could’ve been made in secret, for one. And the director credited for the film is Steve Rogers, an award-winning commercial director who’s helmed ads for Nike, Old Spice and Audi.

One thing that did throw people off, however, was the production company logo. Although some thought that Rimfire Films was a fake banner, it’s actually the production company behind the original Crocodile Dundee movies — co-founded by Paul Hogan, no less.

We’ll have to wait until the Super Bowl to see if Tourism Australia’s ads succeed in inspiring us to visit the land down under. But if nothing else, this whole campaign has made us want to see Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth team up for a comedy movie…just maybe not a Crocodile Dundee sequel.

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