A park in Colorado was hit with a considerable amount of vandalism including graffiti with troubling messaging as well as seemingly random destruction of property.

Vandalism Occurred Friday Morning

The vandalism took place on the morning of Friday, September 17th in Colorado Springs. The park, John Venezia Park, is located at the corner of Briargate and Union Boulevards. The city of Colorado Springs announced the vandalism likely shortly after it took place.

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Politically-Charged Graffiti

Some of the graffiti that was found last Friday morning at John Venezia Park was politically charged. Messages included things like "Byeden," obviously referring to current United States president Joe Biden, as well as the words "We will take America back" spraypainted in large letters on the concrete.

More Recent Graffiti in the Area

It has been reported that although this is the most recent occurrence of vandalism in the area, that it could quite possibly be part of a pattern. Anti-police graffiti was also recently found in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, which pays tribute to veterans, firefighters, and police officers.

A Statement From the City of Colorado Springs

Representatives from the City of Colorado Springs had this to say about the most recent vandalism:

These are our shared resources; the places we come together to play and enjoy one another’s company. This behavior is appalling. Or course, our crews are working to clean this up as quickly as possible, but it takes them away from their other duties, and it also uses public funding that could be used for something else.

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