There are always people out there that have creative light shows at Christmas. But one with a singing Tree?That is exactly what the Perkins family of Tulsa, Oklahoma has set up this year for their Christmas Light show. They not only have the lights flashing to the beat of the "interesting" song called "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)" by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, but the display has not just one, but three light "Trees" that sing the song for those that come to see the show.

Jay Perkins has a YouTube channel that shows off this year's lights and it has had over 626,000 views this year as of midnight Christmas Eve. Last year's video only received just over 7,000 views. "What does the Fox Say" is a catchy little tune, and that may be driving the popularity a bit.

We all love the creativity that goes into these holiday light shows, both Christmas and now Halloween, however most people don't realize the great expense to put this together, both monetarily and time-wise. Enjoy this year's show, leave a nice comment about the video, and subscribe to the channel to see what the Perkins come up with for 2014.

Here is the "Official" video for "The Fox(What Does The Fox Say)"


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