Visitors in cars and ATVs are crowding Colorado's tundra and leaving tracks behind, with an increased amount of high country tourists this year, KDVR reported. In the San Juan Mountains, residents are becoming frustrated that off roading is ruining Colorado's tundra. 

KDVR said that the tundra has been flattened by tire treads and illegal campers, and while residents in the area aren't against Jeeping and off roading, they're asking visitors to follow the rules and respect nature, before it's destroyed forever (you can see photos here). A few weeks ago, OutThere Colorado shared how overcrowded Colorado's alpine terrain has become.

'As a reminder, in order to preserve the wonderful habitats and keep the trails open, we must all adhere to strict rules of the trails,' the Jeeps of the San Juans posted on its Facebook group. 'Pack out what you pack in, be courteous to other drivers, always be prepared… even for the worst, and always - absolutely ALWAYS - stay to the trail. Driving off the trail will not only get you kicked off this Group, incur state fines, but you would be destroying the habitats for future generations.'

On August 8, Townsquare Media kicks off the week-long Northern Colorado Jeep Jaunt to raise money for suicide prevention. Join us (separately, but in solidarity) on the designated trails — just remember to actually stay on the trails, and ride responsibly.

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