Steve Harvey hosts a special Tonight Show edition of Family Feud with Jason Segel, Jimmy and Higgins of the Fallon family facing off against Questlove, Tarik and James of The Roots family.

It's the Fallon Family versus the Roots Family in another hilarious game on the Tonight Show. It was pretty awesome that Steve Harvey was actually able to be on the show to host.

Unfortunately we didn't get to hear much from Jason Segel during the game but it was still fun to watch. The Roots dominated the game, so the Fallon family was pretty quiet. Clearly the best part was when the category "I like to play with my _____" came up. Higgins and James' answers were perfect... and well complimented by Steve Harvey's reactions.

It was also nice that the game was longer, usually they only last about 5 minutes. What was your favorite answer from one of the guys?

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