The Denver Film Society has announced the first three films that they will be showing at Red Rock Amphitheatre "Film on the Rock" this summer and may I say it ROCKS.

Red Rock Amphitheatre is the best for concerts but I have to say I love when summer hits and it's time to watch a film on the rocks.

If you've never been to Red Rocks to watch a film like Titanic or Bohemian Rhapsody it is so worth the trip.

Since Titanic kicks off the season on May 10 maybe make it a Mother's Day weekend out of it.

I just may have to hint to my kid that I want to go to Bohemian Rhapsody on May 28  and Ghostbusters on June 3 for my birthday, hey, my birthday lands right in the middle of them.

Plus, it's my birthday month and I think it would be an awesome way to spend it.

Just sayin'!

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