As your vacation away from Grand Junction approaches, you find yourself going through a few stages. These are three stages of waiting for your vacation away from Grand Junction.

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    Stage One: Can't Even Believe It

    You're so excited about getting out of Grand Junction to go on vacation you can't even believe it. Is vacation actually happening? You remind yourself that it is by looking at a calendar and are overcome with joy every time you do so.

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    Stage Two: In a Place, Far, Far Away

    As your vacation approaches, you find yourself picturing yourself already there. You may be having a stressful day at work in person but in your head, you're on the beach with a drink in your hand. Sometimes you have to force yourself to come back to reality.

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    Stage Three: Obsession

    At this point, you're so close to your vacation, you can taste the margaritas. You see yourself eating, drinking, and not thinking about work for a single second. If only you could fast forward that last little bit of time before you 'vacay.' It's basically vacation obsession at this point.

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