If you think three is a lucky number, then you will love this story because it's a doozy. Or is it a trizy? According to CBS Denver, three sets of triplets have been delivered at one Colorado hospital since the beginning of the third month in 2020.

Baby goods hanging on the clothesline

Doctors at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children have been seeing triple trouble since March 5. Meya, Maya, and Maleya Gbusseh were born on March 5. Guinevere, Caroline, and Harmony Kisler were born on April 13. The final trio, whose names were not provided, was born on April 20.

Dr. Kahn told CBS Denver "All of these babies are doing incredibly well". And the doctors at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children aren't done seeing triple yet. Another set of triplets is due on May 7.

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Source: CBS Denver

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