Three fuzzy little black bear cubs have been relocated to Pikes Peak after losing their mom. The triplets were caught multiple times feasting on garbage in a Colorado Springs neighborhood. Unfortunately, their mom was one of 27 local black bears that were euthanized in 2017.

The black bear cubs have been staying in a nice couple's rehabilitation center, but now they're ready to be on their own. So Colorado Parks and Wildlife tucked the triplets into their new place.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated that he brother and two sisters were cuddled up in their hay covered den. They now have a nice, cozy den in the foothills of Pikes Peak, according to Out There Colorado.

It seems like the baby bears have really made themselves at home. These three cubs are among seven other baby bears that were relocated to Pikes Peak.

With their loud snores, long claws plus each other to count on, I think the triplets, and other cubs, will be just fine in the wild.

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