Every couple has a different story of where and how they met and we wanted to hear yours. After asking you on our Facebook, this is how Grand Junction met their significant other.

All relationships are unique and all of them start in a different way. I think in romantic comedies it's called a meet cute. Not all meet cutes are 'romantic' and you can see how below. Grand Junction shares how they met their partner/significant other/person you're stuck with:

What can we say? We like to hook people up in more ways than one.

Kym is now 11 years into a relationship that started because of the internet. Oh, technology, looks like your matchmaking skills were on point this time.

I've heard a lot about cruising North Avenue, mostly how much fun it was. And looks like some good things came from the tradition.

Remember when I said not all meet cutes are romantic?

I feel like the way that both Shannon and Shiloh met their partners should be the plot of a romantic comedy. Better start working on your scripts ladies.

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