June is a time that many pick as their wedding month. Why? The month of June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. It’s often been said that if a couple gets married in June, their marriage would be full of prosperity and happiness. That sounds like a good reason to me.

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If you are invited to a June wedding or a wedding in any other month, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do. Most of them go without saying, but in case you need a reminder:

You already know you should not wear white to a wedding. Most brides would be not too happy to see someone else wearing white, or even off-white, on her special day. For that matter, you shouldn’t wear all black either. Unless it’s a formal affair, wearing all black could be interpreted as a sign of disapproval.

Don’t be late. If you arrive as the flower girl is walking down the aisle, you’ll take the focus off the bridal party.

Don’t get too drunk. While the wedding party is a celebration, and you’re invited to have fun, too many cocktails could have you doing some things you might not be proud of later. And you could end up in some photos that are less than pleasant. That, and, if you are giving a speech, as best man, or maid of honor, you certainly don’t want to do that while you’re overly intoxicated. You might say something you shouldn’t. I’ve seen that happen, and it’s not pretty.

Don’t let your small child make a fuss. Sure, kids will scream and cry at times (been there, done that), but you don’t want to be someone who lets your child do that during the “I do” portion of the ceremony.

Don’t complain. Planning a wedding, and all the details, no matter how small, can take months, or longer. Most brides, and grooms too, want their special day to be perfect. If you have an opinion that something is less than perfect, certainly don’t tell the bride or groom.

Keep your phone away, and on silent, during the ceremony. You might be inclined to snap a picture during the ceremony, but that’s what the photographer is for.

And do not post pictures of the bride on social media, prior to the ceremony. You don’t want to ruin the magical moment of the first look in person. Personally, I wouldn’t post any pictures of the wedding until after the couple posts their own.

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