This town is amazing. But like any other place, it has that one thing that makes you cringe just a little bit.

The worst thing in this town would have to be the construction. It is never ending.

You finally see that they have finished one area they automatically start in another area. No matter where you go in the Valley there is always construction in your way.

Take for example my way into work this morning. I take the business loop up to North Avenue thinking it will be quicker. Boy, was I wrong? It ended up taking twenty minutes longer than what it usually does.

That is the one thing I hate most about Grand Junction. If they finally finished all of the construction I honestly think they wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

Here is to hoping that the construction finally comes to an end.

Now if you find yourself stuck in Grand Junction traffic because of construction here are a few things to make your time go by a little faster.

1. Learn how to do Sudoku.

2. Play Tetris on your phone while you are waiting.

3. Bring a nice book to read.

4. Create your own murder mystery while in the car.

5. Turn your music all the way up and sing at the top of your lungs.

I hope these are helpful in making your wait time in the Grand Junction construction a little bit easier to handle. Good luck!

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