UPDATE: The truck has been found

About an hour after this story was published, an observant citizen noticed the missing truck and while half of the families' belongings are gone, the personal items like pictures, family heirlooms and all of the kids' toys were found.


A military family that recently relocated from Virginia to Colorado has lost everything, thanks to some disgusting people that thought it would be fun to take this family's moving truck and EVERYTHING that they own.

It's one thing to steal from ANYONE but to take it to this level to a family that is serving our country brings it to a whole new level of nasty.

According to The Denver Channel, Evan Salas, his wife Stacy and their 3 little girls were all excited to start their new life in Colorado...until the unthinkable happened. Thieves stole their 26 foot Penske moving truck with ALL of their belongings inside.

Salas, who is set to begin a job at Buckley Air Force Base said he and his family were exhausted after a four-day drive. They pulled into the parking lot of a hotel near the Denver International Airport just before midnight.

The next morning, they would drive to their new home and unpack but when Salas woke up in the morning, he looked outside and saw the truck was missing. I can't even begin to imagine the pit that was felt in his stomach when noticing that and just like my initial reaction would have probably been (in hoping that it was just towed) but unfortunately that was not the case.

Some evil person or persons intentionally took the truck and left nothing behind for this family of 5 except for what they had in that hotel room.

The truck had all their belongings inside, including furniture, clothes and outdoor gear they bought for their adventures in Colorado. There were also boxes full of family heirlooms, photos and their collection of Christmas ornaments.

My heart is breaking for this family, we just moved to Colorado in the past year and I can't even imagine the feeling their all going through right now.

Their hoping that someone can notice an abandoned 26 foot bright yellow Penske truck and report it.

Other military families and complete strangers in their new neighborhood have stepped up to donate what they can. Denver7 Gives has also established an account, and donations can be made through Denver7 Gives by selecting "Help the Salas Family" in the dropdown menu. All of the funds will go toward helping this family rebuild what a cruel thief took away.

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