Christmas time makes everyone nerves build up. With presents and family visiting, it can get pretty hectic.

Instead of making your food on top of everything else you are doing, why not take your family out to eat?

There are a few places that are open for Christmas I believe your family would enjoy. Not to mention it will help take a load off of your plate.

If you are like my family, take them to breakfast on Christmas morning. Choose from some amazing french toast, or get yourself an egg scramble. Either way, your belly will be full so you can enjoy the rest of Christmas without having to do the cleanup. I would say that is a win-win for you and your family.

I have eaten here and it is absolutely delicious. There is a good chance that I myself could be taking my family here. This would give you your own Christmas Story to have with your kids. That to me sounds like an amazing time.

The Grand International Buffet is delicious. They have all different kinds of food that you can choose from. Do you want pizza for Christmas? They have it there. How about a cheeseburger and some sweet and sour chicken? You can get those too. This will be a fun delicious place to bring your family for Christmas.

Not only do they have holiday hours for Christmas but they also have a holiday menu. I had the pleasure of eating here before and it was pretty close to heaven. I don't know what the holiday menu is but I do know that it is going to be amazing. You could bring your sweetheart here for a nice Christmas date.

They have an assortment of Nepali, Indian, and Tibetian cuisine. I have only tried Indian food one time and I thought it was pretty good. Why not do something different for Christmas and try something that you have never had before. There are two different times you can do so don't feel that you need to be rushed.

You can have an amazing Christmas without doing the usual things. So why not go out and have yourself some fun with your family.

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