Go ahead... book the flight!

Although the back-to-school commercials are airing and the countdowns to college football have started, summer is not over yet. There is still a lot of fun to be had before a new school year and a new season kicks off. This means you can squeeze in one last trip.

So, where are you headed?

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Or, I guess a better question would be, who are you flying? Sometimes even the best vacation destinations can be marred by a pool travel experience. I think we can all pinpoint an experience that was less than stellar while traveling.

Not all travel experiences can be avoided. Some have to do with weather delays or power outages. These can't be helped, but crews have learned how to keep a smile on your face during the process.

Well, some are better than others.

Recently, The Points Guy released their annual list of the Best US Airlines of 2021. When you think about it, these rankings had to be heavily influenced by pandemics, especially since we're only just past the midpoint of this year.

That might make these rankings more important. In a way, these are the airlines that best cared for us in 2020.

Here are the Points Guy rankings from worst to best.

Some of these airlines are among the best in the world according to Airline Ratings.

Perhaps you've got your sights set on seeing more than just the US. Ready to hop on a flight and head overseas?

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