Given the right circumstances, any intersection involving motorized vehicles can be dangerous, but these are the most dangerous intersections in Grand Junction.

Anybody who drives in Grand Junction has probably seen their share of accidents, reckless driving, and close calls. Sometimes it's people not paying attention, while at other times it's people taking unnecessary chances, and sometimes it's just plain carelessness.

We wanted to know what intersections people in Grand Junction fear the most, and so we asked the question on our Facebook page and here's what folks had to say about Grand Junction's most dangerous intersections.

* 28 1/4 and orchard, accidents almost daily
* 7th and North and 7th and Patterson
* 12th and Ute
* 15th and Patterson
* That whole rimrock Walmart area is ridiculous
* 7th and North, always bad
* Independent Avenue and 25 1/2 Road


As I said, any intersection has the potential for danger, especially when the streets are filled with distracted drivers. I have to agree about the Rimrock Walmart area. So many uncontrolled intersections and so much traffic. It can be a living nightmare.

Here is a chance for you to cast your vote for Grand Junction's most dangerous intersection, or add your own candidate to the list below.

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