Choosing a baby name, I never really thought it would be that hard until we actually had to do it. It's actually one of the most difficult things I had to do and it wasn't necessarily a bad thing, just a little exhausting and stressful.

For my wife and I, we both THOUGHT we had it figured out until it came down to crunch time. Then came the back and forth, thinking about how this name would affect our child.

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We thought of stuff like will it be a name that will prompt jokes from other kids because (kids can be ruthless) will it be a name that gives him awkward initials (I had a really good friend whose initials were A.S.S. his name was Anthony Solero and then a really long Italian last name) while we were good friends, we never missed an opportunity to rib him a little about his initials.

Another thing we looked at was popularity, we wanted it to be somewhat popular but not too much so where there would be 3 or 4 kids with the same name in his class and then we wanted our son's name to reflect the strength and something he could be proud of, and I think we did that (our son's name is Max).

It took us a while to narrow down our choice as we had like a little bracket of names and just kind of narrowed things down by going over our pros and cons.

As I'm writing this, it actually seems a little silly that we did all of that but I'm telling you, naming your kid can be pretty tough if you don't have a clear-cut choice and that's where these lists come in handy.

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