Who can forget the adorable blonde-haired kid that stole our hearts and warmed them up every week on 'Silver Spoons'? Ricky Schroder hasn't disappeared yet -- and we've got the latest on what he's been up to.


Ricky Schroder starred on 'Silver Spoons' as Ricky Stratton, a young, uptight kid who finds the father he's never met -- as it turns out, Pops is living in a mansion and acting like an overgrown kid. Together, the two form a charming Odd Couple relationship, as Ricky has to learn to relax and be a kid, and his dad needs to learn a little responsibility.

Schroder went from apple-cheeked little kid to heartthrob relatively quickly, and you'd be hard pressed to find a teen girl in the '80s who didn't have his poster on her wall.


Rick Schroder Goodnight for Justice
The Hallmark Channel

Now known as simply Rick Schroder, he's starred on TV shows like 'NYPD Blue' and '24,' and he had a guest appearance on the sitcom 'Scrubs.'

As for film work, Schroder is still keeping busy -- you may recall he won a Golden Globe when he was just 9 years old for 'The Champ,' and in recent years he's had much more grown-up roles in 'Lonesome Dove,' 'Poolhall Junkies,' and 'Journey to the Center of the Earth.' He also cameo'd as himself in 'Get Him to the Greek.'

Mostly, Schroder stars in TV movies, so if you're channel-surfing, it's pretty likely you'll see his face eventually.

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