Even though this year's Super Bowl was an intense affair the real reason friends and family come over is for the food.

The party starts way before the actual game does. You have to get that cooking started early. Of course, you have the finger food out while you are cooking the main dishes. Standing at the counter "pretending" you are interested in what's going on with the game. But really you are standing there wondering what the heck is in this dip.

You need to have the classics for the big game, like pigs in a blanket. When you add new items like chicken buffalo dip to what you are serving people go nuts. One foot item everybody like had to be the fried stuffed potatoes. They were the best thing that I have tried for the first time.

When you have a super bowl party you must also have dessert. Chocolate is always your best friend when it comes to sweets. Once you are done eating and hanging out, most of the game is already over. That is when the food coma sets in and you end up falling asleep.

Don't let anyone tell you that they sit down and watch the Super Bowl. They are mainly there to eat the delicious food that is set out. At least it's true in my house. All about the food baby.

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