This weekend was another weekend of sadness across our nation as the focus has shifted from the coronavirus to the unnecessary death of George Floyd. Everyone has their own opinion on what happened and what should come next. I'm not here to change that, but I choose to use our platform to spread some of the positive things that happened through this very difficult past weekend.

Over the weekend we saw protesters and rioters take to the streets across our country, some here in Colorado with downtown Denver having many buildings damaged. But we also saw lots of pictures of police officers and citizens having meaningful conversations in an attempt to make things better in the future. This didn't require damaging buildings or burning cars, this took level headed adults both realizing there is a problem and wanting to improve things.

I was able to track down one person (Colby Warzecha) who captured a lot of photos over the weekend of really positive interactions and got permission to share them with you. After looking at these, it was clear that these are the photos that people should be sharing on social media not pics of people being injured.

Pictures of Protesters Showing Unity

After sharing these photos I saw a few more that showed some great citizens coming together to clean up just hours after the destruction was done. It showed no matter how much negativity a situation might show, there is more positivity in the world.

Community Clean Up

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