The most popular person in Grand Junction has his own books, statue and has won multiple Oscars. He's eccentric and was blacklisted at one point, he's the most popular person in town.

Dalton Trumbo is a prolific writer from Grand Junction. He's the most popular person in town, because, he's got his own statue for starters. Trumbo was known for writing in the bathtub.

Writing in a bathtub with cigarettes and coffee is just the Trumbo way. Eccentric? Yes. He was a supporter of social justice and unfortunately ran into lots of political problems. But Trumbo wouldn't back down. His book "Johnny Got His Gun," is one of the most anti-war novels and suggested in middle schools and high schools, according to Waymarking.

Trumbo ended up being blacklisted and sent to jail for refusing to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee. He continued to write under pseudonyms because Trumbo isn't a quitter. He won two Oscars under aliases and eventually, the blacklist was broken.

There have been multiple movies about Trumbo's life. Grand Junction even held a 100th birthday party dinner for him. Today, you can see tributes to Trumbo at the University of Colorado in the form of a "free speech" fountain and in Grand Junction in the form of Trumbo in his true form. Writing in a bathtub with a coffee and cigarette in hand.

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