Martin Freeman hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend and he starred in a skit that mixed two of his biggest projects together, 'The Hobbit' and 'The Office'.

After saving Middle-earth, Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, Legolas and Tauriel take up office jobs. It was documented as 'The Office: Middle Earth'.

Okay, let me do some explaining. Martin Freeman, who was the host of SNL this passed week, stars in 'The Hobbit' and in the U.K. version of 'The Office'. In the U.K. version of 'The Office', Martin Freeman played the role of Tim Canterbury. Which is the U.S. version, that role is known as Jim Halpert. Hopefully that gets rid of any confusion you may have had.

I really enjoy watching the U.K. version of 'The Office' and I really love the character David Brent. Brent was originally played by Ricky Gervais but in this skit his name was Gandalf and he was played by Bobby Moynahan. Moynahan did a wonderful impression of David Brent.

Well, this was right up my alley and I've watched it approximately 76 times. What did you think of the skit and Martin Freeman hosting SNL?