We're surrounded by pulsating lights and unearthly beings that travel through portals and vortexes here in the Grand Valley. Earth is a science project and was being observed.

Marcellina Beckwith from Paonia sees lights pulsating over the Grand Valley on a regular basis. This is because the Grand Mesa is home to numerous portals and vortexes which allows unearthly beings to travel.

There are reptoids inside the Grand Valley that are working with the military. Don't trust the reptoids. Or humans. We're so angry and hostile that no one comes to hang, just to travel and observe their science project. 

That's why we're so far away from everything else, in a completely different universe. But you probably can't see them because they're in a different dimension than us lil ole humans.

Marcelina Beckwith knows this because she's the reincarnation of the commander of the craft that crashed in Roswell in 1947. She's a star person here to educate us. Beckwith's here because:

...your earth might need our help, to save you from a disaster...

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