Colorado is one of those amazing places to live and to visit. I absolutely love it here.

One of my favorite things to do is go camping. I haven't been able to go in a while. But that is all going to change this summer.

I went looking for a few fun places to go camping and I found them. Take a look!

This isn't your ordinary camp site. This is a Yogi inspired campground. With RV parking, cabins, teepees, or your own tent to choose from. They have everything for the whole family. So much fun is to be had here. Ranging from taking a dip in the swimming pool to gem mining and everything else in-between. Take your family out for some outdoor fun.

The Golden Gate Canyon State Park has so much open space it isn't even funny. They have over 36 miles of trails to check out. Not to mention some amazing camping. If you don't feel like roughing it in your tent feel free to stay in the cabins or yurts they have to offer. Don't forget your fishing poles because they have a lake stocked full of fish. Finish your day off at the overlook where you can see the Continental Divide for miles!

There are a few camping spots to choose from. But this particular camping spot overlooks the beautiful twin lakes. Choose from some amazing trails to take off on. Or go fishing in the glass like water of the twin lakes. Whatever you decide the views alone will make you want to stay for longer.

The Fowler Hillard Hut is a different kind of camping. You won't be using your tent but instead, you will be staying in a hut. Those huts are in honor of two aspen mountaineers who lost their lives. Bring your bike and hit the amazing trails they have to offer. When you finish your day go back to your hut that has only the necessities you need to enjoy yourself. These huts are a big attraction to many different people. Sounds like a fun time to me.

If you want to feel one with nature this is the place to be. Watch re-enactments of the old wagon days and if that isn't enough, go and explore the old wagon trails that are still there. On top of that, you have amazing scenery all around you and some of the best trout fishing Colorado has to offer. This one is definitely on my list to do with the kids.

With the warm weather upon us, it is time to spend it outside. If you have been to any of these places please share your pictures with us. I hope you all have a blast!


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