It's crazy to think that it's almost time for the holidays, but even as unusual as 2020 has been the year has gone quickly. But one thing is certain, due to the pandemic there have been more people depending on the Community Food Bank and as we approach the holidays they need our help to make sure that our neighbors and friends have food on their table.

The Community Food Bank has spent over 40 years providing emergency food in Mesa County and the need is bigger now than ever before. In fact, 1 in 6 kids in Colorado may not know when or where their next meal is coming from. That is a frightening statistic but we can do something about that, right now. As the Community Food Bank Food Drive is on now.

If you want to help with specific foods and coordinate a drop-off with the Community Food Bank you can get all of those details by clicking right here.

But we know that for most people the easiest way to help is to make a cash donation, and every donation makes a huge difference in our community.

Because of the resources available to the Community Food Bank they can provide a nutritious meal for as little as .30 cents. That means a $10 donation is equal to 33 meals, $100 is 333 meals for our friends and neighbors.

And because this is the Community Food Bank Food Drive we have lots of partners helping out in this tremendous effort. Our friends at Carville's Auto Mart is matching all cash donations up to $1,000. Also, Big O' Tires is donating $1 from every oil change between now and Christmas Eve (December 24th). Food donations are also being accepted at the Safeway location on Horizon Drive, and Turkey Bucks are being collected at the Safeway in the Redlands.

We are wishing everyone the best this holiday season but before we sit down and enjoy everything we have to be thankful for, let's make sure everyone in our community is taken care of and isn't going hungry.

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