You love antiques, they have antiques - lots of 'em.

The Colorado Antique Gallery in Littleton is an antique lover's paradise with 50,000 square feet of vintage merchandise.

So many people love antiques. There is just something very cool about owning something older than you are. There's also something very cool about looking at a bunch of stuff that hasn't been brand new for nearly a hundred years - or more.

Some 285 vendors fill the Colorado Antique Gallery with everything from antique furniture, vintage jewelry, art, and collectibles.

This gallery is so large it has street signs that help you navigate through all the vendors - and to help you get back to that one piece you just gotta have.

For me, shopping at an antique store is like doing yard sales. I always see lots of cool stuff I'd love to have - but I have no place to put it, so I'm usually not a buyer. I have to confess, that takes a little bit of the joy out of shopping.

Still, looking at antiques is a pretty cool experience. It's like stepping back in time via the Twilight Zone into another dimension. It's almost like visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house - except that nobody's home.

The Colorado Antique Gallery is the largest antique mall in Denver, and quite possibly the entire state. If you love antiques, you should check it out the next time you're on the front range. You'll find the antique megastore at 5501 S. Broadway.

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