There are so many places to look at Christmas lights around town. This is a great way to spend some quality Holiday time with the family. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to enjoy Christmas lights in town.

Every year my wife and I go around looking at Christmas lights. After 4 years of doing this, we have found that there are a few neighborhoods that are always decked out. Here are some of my favorites.

1st and Patterson in the Northridge Subdivision

Britton Crone

This neighborhood is my absolute favorite. Almost every house in this neighborhood is decked out with Santa's, Polar Bears, Yetti's, our Denver Broncos and a ton of beautiful Christmas lights.It's almost like every house on the block is required to put up lights.

North 15th Street and Crestview Way

Britton Crone

This neighborhood is super beautiful. The houses are amazing, there is a small pond in the neighborhood and they sure know how to decorate for Christmas. This neighborhood is just north of Patterson on 15th.

Between Patterson and Orchard on 15th

Britton Crone

This is just one house, but it is worth seeing. This house doesn't have any more room for lights or decorations. It is that decked out.


26 Rd and Partridge Ct.


This is a very wealthy neighborhood and they love to show off their Christmas lights. If you have never been to this neighborhood it is worth the trip.To get to this neighborhood head north up 26 rd and after you cross over the interstate take a right on Partridge Ct.

27 1/2 Rd and Courtland

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This neighborhood is very close to the 15th and Crestview neighborhood. So stop by while your out and about. You might get a little lost in this subdivision, but at least, you'll have Christmas lights to look at. From Patterson head north on 27 1/2 Rd and Courtland Ct. will be on your left.

I know there are other neighborhoods in town with great lights. If you know of some other good neighborhoods share it with us below.